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L'alfabeto della rinascita. Viaggio nell'eccellenza italiana

In occasione della “Settimana della lingua italiana”, la Società Dante Alighieri Society del BC, in collaborazione con l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Toronto, la invita alla conferenza online del sociologo Francesco Morace “L'alfabeto della rinascita: viaggio nell'eccellenza italiana.”

Venerdì, 21 Ottobre 2022, 12.00 pm-1.00 pm (PDT); 3.00 pm-4.15 pm (Toronto TIme); 9.00 pm-10.30 pm (Rome Time)

In italiano – Online via Zoom

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Prendendo spunto dal suo ultimo libro, il Prof. Morace ci accompagnerà in un viaggio nel cuore dell’imprenditoria e dell’eccellenza italiana toccando i seguenti punti:
· Italian Human Design: la creatività italiana incontra l’empatia quotidiana
· Valori e stereotipi italiani: an extra-ordinary common place
· Il senso del gusto e l’amore per il dettaglio (Alessi e Zanotta)
· L’ingegno applicato a settori diversi (Herno e Inglesina)
· La cooperazione che parte dalle famiglie (Granarolo e Melinda)
· Fatto su misura (Cosberg e Opto Engineering)
· Estetica ed Etica aumentata (Kartell)

Lo speaker:

Francesco Morace,
sociologo e scrittore, è il fondatore di Future Concept Lab, istituto di ricerca e consulenza strategica sull’innovazione. È docente in materia di innovazione sociale al Politecnico di Milano e di Culture & Stili di Vita all’Università di Trento. È autore di oltre 20 libri, fra cui L’alfabeto del rinascita. 20 storie di imprese esemplari (Egea, 2022)

Sapori di Puglia

On June 8th and June 10th, 2022 at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver will be held the Saprori di Puglia food fair and wine tasting special.

Please read the flyer below for more details:

EYE Global Project


The EYE Global Project is an entrepreneurial exchange program, where European professionals have a chance to liaise with Canadian entrepreneurs! Canadian entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to select the entrepreneur that best fits their needs. The best part is that their flights, stay in Canada, etc. are all funded.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global is an exchange program that gives experienced entrepreneurs from Canada the opportunity to collaborate with new or aspiring entrepreneurs from the European Union and the UK.

It is inspired by the popular Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, which has been running in Europe since 2009. The program has facilitated exchanges for nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs with 10,000 businesses.

Why EYE Global?

By participating in this program and by hosting a young entrepreneur from Europe your company will acquire knowledge and access to European markets; discover new potential cooperation opportunities and collaborate with European entrepreneurs. Find innovative solutions and reach new heights in your business with EYE Global!

Benefits for Canadian host entrepreneurs:
• Liaise with an entrepreneur from Europe with zero cost to you, for a maximum of three months.
• Liaise with energetic and motivated young European entrepreneurs who can contribute to your business with innovative views, new skills, and knowledge.
• Benefit from a “new perspective” on your business, and specialized knowledge that the
new entrepreneurs may have and that you have not yet mastered.
• Act as a coach or mentor.
• Learn about European markets, expand your business opportunities and engage in cross- border activities.
• Network and build strong relationships, which can be useful for mutual consulting, business referrals, and for finding business partners abroad.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program financed by the European Union and coordinated in British Columbia by the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West & the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West!

If someone is interested and wish to learn more about it, they can email Stefano Dal Farra (project manager at ICCBC) via email or via phone number (604.682.1410 M/F 9am to 5pm).

Consulate General of Italy Moving to a New Location


In mid-June the Consulate General of Italy will move to a new downtown Vancouver location, some 6 blocks west of our current one.
While we shall strive to minimize disruptions, a short closure period and some interruption or delay in the services offered will be inevitable. We thank you for your patience.
Stay tuned for more details:


Verso la metà di giugno il Consolato Generale d'Italia si trasferirà in una nuova sede nel centro di Vancouver, a circa 6 isolati a ovest di quella attuale.
Ci stiamo adoperando per ridurre al minimo i disagi all'utenza. Sarà comunque necessario chiudere l'Ufficio per un breve periodo di tempo ed interruzioni e/o ritardi nei servizi offerti saranno inevitabili.
Vi ringraziamo fin da adesso per la Vostra pazienza.
Maggiori informazioni sul periodo di chiusura, gli orari di ricevimento e sull'apertura al pubblico nella nuova Sede saranno resi noti, appena disponibili, sul nostro sito:

Italian Design Day 2022 - March 23, 2022


Webinar will be held online via Zoom

A Webinar with Architect and Engineer Valentina Sumini

Humanity is evolving towards a multi-planetary future.

One of the main challenges in human space exploration is sustainability, since long-duration missions on other planetary bodies will require a high level of autonomy from planet Earth and the possibility to retrieve all fundamental life resources directly in situ.
The need for efficient use of volume, water, and other inputs for producing food could enable technologies with reduced impact on the resources needed for food production here on Earth, especially in extreme environments and resource-scarce regions. In addition to crops production, there are other advanced food systems that warrant exploration as they can also potentially address some of the challenges of terrestrial and space-based food systems.
The Space Meal Solution is a food production strategy, designed in partnership between COESIA S.p.A. and Pastificio RANA S.p.A., that identifies hydroponics and aeroponics systems as sources to produce the ingredients for customized, balanced, nutritious, and palatable meals based on the Mediterranean diet. The food processing system is based on automated and integrated engineered solutions focusing on automation, from blending to cooking, with the goal to easily produce space meals through the Engineered Space Kitchen (E.S.K.). The crops processing, the meal preparation and preservation are designed to minimize time, water and energy consumption and optimize human-centred design for the crew by building a collaborative environment that combines assessed and innovative food processing and cooking technologies.

Indeed, designing new space food systems, while preserving and enhancing our culinary arts, offers a solution to the scarcity of resources and sustainability on our planet…a wonderful spaceship travelling across the universe.
The 5th edition of the “Italian Design Day” is presented in Vancouver by the Consulate General of Italy in cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West, after a worldwide initiative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with MiBACT, MISE, ICE Agenzia, Confindustria, Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (ADI), Fondazione ADI-Compasso d'Oro, Federlegno Arredo, Salone del Mobile Milano and Triennale Milano.
Valentina Sumini, Ph.D., architect and engineer, investigates innovative computational design techniques with special regard to space applications, both for architectural and technological solutions. She is Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab, within Space Exploration Initiative and Responsive Environments and Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Milano where she lectures the course “Architecture for Human Space Exploration” – the course, in the current Academic Year, has become a collaborative classroom with the MIT Media Lab Webinar Series “Design Exploration: towards a Moon Architecture.” Since 2020, she has been R&D Specialist within COESIA Engineering Center and Coordinator of COESIA Innovation Hub, where she analyzes and develops new activities with high sustainability and technological impacts.

Register for free for the online webinar HERE

Four Evenings with Dante and his Divine Comedy (Webinar)

Arpico is working to restart its activity in a virtual manner, in the meantime we thought you might be interested in attending the following event organized by our friends of the Dante Alighieri Society.

Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, the best known of all poems written in the Italian language 700 years ago, takes us on a spiritual journey from a ghastly dark forest to the blissful light of a cosmic embrace, from exile to reintegration, from wretchedness to joy.

This is a FREE EVENT.

In the course of four Monday evenings, Prof. Daniela Boccassini will show us why Dante's cosmic perspective is as impelling today as ever:

1. December 7, 2020 - Dante's life and his source of inspiration: Beatrice
2. December 14, 2020 - The Divine Comedy: Inferno
3. December 21, 2020 - The Divine Comedy: Purgatorio
4. December 28, 2020 - The Divine Comedy: Paradiso

All episodes will be conducted IN ENGLISH ON ZOOM from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm (PT)

No previous knowledge of Dante's poem is required

Please register at to receive the Zoom link

Jung and Ravenna

2020 Winter Lecture Series C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver

Jung and Ravenna
The Red Book, Visioning, Rebirth
January 31st, 2020 at 7:30pm
Museum of Vancouver - 1100 Chestnut Street

Tickets are sold at the door: $15 for Members / $20 for Non-Members

Jung traveled at least twice to Ravenna, and each time his encounters with Byzantine history, architecture and art made the deepest impression upon him. Through this talk we will explore the different ways in which Jung entered in communion with the images — inner and outer, visible and invisible — that he beheld in Ravenna: from the early years, when the memory of Byzantine mosaics informed his pictorial technique in The Red Book; to his middle years, when those same mosaics gifted him with the vision of a scene of the unseen they seemed subtly to enshrine; to his late years, when his memories of those journeys gathered in one of the most astonishing pages of Memories, Dreams, Reflections. At the core of all these creative experiences sits Jung's most precious insight: the power of visioning as initiatory path to rebirth, so mysteriously connected to the age-long, well-guarded secrets of Ravenna's enigmatic mosaics.

Daniela Boccassini is Professor of Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. She is preparing a monograph on Dante and Jung, some of whose chapters, presented at the Jung Society of Vancouver over the last few years, have now appeared in The Jung Journal and Harvest. In this lecture she addresses one of the themes central to that book project: rebirth as the foundation of both Dante's and Jung's visionary art and eminently healing work.

Premi Nazionali per la Traduzione per l'annualità 2019

Ogni anno il MIBAC assegna otto Premi, suddivisi in Maggiori e Speciali, da conferire come riconoscimento per elevati apporti culturali nell'ambito dell'attività di traduzione e dell'editoria, sia in lingua italiana che in lingua straniera.

Il premio ammonta a diecimila euro per ciascuno dei Premi maggiori e a ottomilacinquecento euro per ciascuno dei Premi speciali.

Con decreto 4 febbraio 1988 del Ministro per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali, nell'ambito delle misure a favore della traduzione disposte da questa Amministrazione, sono stati istituiti i Premi Nazionali per la Traduzione.

Una Commissione di esperti appositamente costituita, presieduta dal Ministro per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali, operante presso la Direzione Generale per le Biblioteche, gli Istituti Culturali e il Diritto d'Autore, valutera le domande pervenute secondo le modalita di cui ai successivi articoli 3 e 4.

Leggi il documento completo qui: Premi Nazionali per la Traduzione

Italian National Day 2018

The Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver will be hosting a celebration of Italian National Day at the Italian Cultural Centre on Thursday, June 7, 2018.
In collaboration with COMITES, CGIE, the Italian Cultural Centre, Aquilini Investment Group and Newway Group, the Consulate General of Italy presents:

Mark Zitti ei Fratelli Coltelli

We are proud to present this Italian swing music band.  After hitting the road in Italy, they performed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Cannes, Phuket and many other exotic places.  They will bring their swing, style and professional musical approach to Vancouver for the first time.  Admission to the concert is free, no pre-registration required.

Location: Italian Cultural Centre - Grand Ballroom (3075 Slocan St., Vancouver, BC)
Time: 6:00pm

Grants for Foreign Citizens Awarded by the Italian Government

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) offers grants in favor of Canadian citizens not residing in Italy and Italian citizens living abroad (IRE)* for the academic year 2018-2019 in order to foster international cultural, scientific and technological cooperation, to promote Italian language and culture and to support Italy’s economic system in the world (According to Law 288/55 and its subsequent changes and additions).

For a full description of the procedure, please visit

NOTE: Applications must be submitted by 2 pm (Central European Time) April 30th, 2018.
* IRE grants are offered for the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru, South Africa, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Unveiling the Universe

“We are made of star stuff”

Bringing the stars into the laboratory to understand the origin of the elements

What Carl Sagan meant when he said, “We are made of star stuff”, is that every single atom of elements heavier than lithium – like the oxygen we breathe and the carbon that makes up our bodies – was created during the life and death of stars. Within the periodic table, we have a good understanding of how the elements from hydrogen to iron are produced, but the details of how the elements from iron to uranium came to be are still shrouded in mystery.

We’re getting closer to solving that mystery, however. The recent observation of a kilonova – an astronomical event involving the merger of two neutron stars – revealed that some heavy elements like gold and platinum can be produced in such destructive interstellar mergers. This event, observed by both traditional telescopes and the gravitational wave detectors LIGO and VIRGO, demonstrated the awesome power of multi-messenger astronomy, and the need to study the short-lived atomic nuclei produced in this cataclysmic event. Understanding these nuclei and the forces and mechanics that govern them may become the key to unlocking the mystery of how these heavy elements came to be.

Vancouver is home to one of the few facilities in the world capable of producing and studying these short-lived particles- TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre. And, as part of TRIUMF’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2018, this inaugural Unveiling the Universe lecture will summarize our current knowledge, the lab’s ongoing research, and the burning, yet-unanswered questions regarding the creation of elements in our universe.

Discover how TRIUMF has evolved over its 50-year history, from corralling stellar explosions to tuning into neutron-star collisions, to become a Canadian pioneer in studying the atomic nuclei and galactic events that give rise to the stardust we are all made of.

Doors open at 6:00 PM
Lecture begins at 7:00 PM
Q&A to follow


Do I need to bring a paper ticket?
No, once you've registered through Eventbrite your name is on the list, so you will just need a piece of ID with your name. To speed things up, bring your e-ticket on your phone or a printed copy of your ticket.

What if I registered but can no longer go?
We're sorry you cannot make it! Please cancel your free registration before the event. We always sell out quickly so this gives others a chance to reserve your tickets and allows us to better anticipate the amount of guests expected.

Will I get a seat if I just show up without registering?
We cannot promise a seat for walk-ins. However, at previous events we were able to seat walk-ins. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by!

Why is it first come, first serve? Why can't we reserve seating?
Science World does not have numbered seating therefore the first to show up will be seated in the theatre.

Concert for Piano and Violin

The Dante Alighieri Society of BC invites you to a concert for piano and violin with Maestros Domenico Mongelli (piano) and Maria Calvet (violin).
Organized in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy, this event is part of the celebrations for the "Festa della Musica" 2017.

June 20, 2017, at 6.30 pm
St Paul's Anglican Church
1130 Jervis St, Vancouver
BC V6E 2C7

Dante Society Members: free entrance
Non Members: 10$ (children under 15: free)
Non members: tickets available at the door

The Dante Alighieri Society of BC is the local branch of a worldwide non-profit organization whose mission is the promotion of the Italian language and culture through the organization of language courses and cultural events. The Society also administers the PLIDA certification tests.

For more information about the Society:

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2017 ISSNAF Inaugural Canadian Annual Event

On May 19-20th SIRO (Society of Italian researcher in Ontario) official Chapter of the Italian Scientists and Scholars of North America Foundation (ISSNAF) will host in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa the inaugural Canadian Annual ISSNAF meeting.

The event is organized under the auspices of H.E. Ambassador Claudio Taffuri, Consul General of Italy in Toronto, Giuseppe Pastorelli, and Director of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Toronto, Alessandro Ruggera and Scientific Attache' of the Italian Embassy in Ottawa, Anna Galluccio. This year's exciting conference will focus on innovation, exploring innovation as invention and transformation and its impact on how we live and think.

During the event, the italian scientific community meets the institutions, the industry, academia to discuss breakthrough ideas, to network, and to award projects of young Italians through the ISSNAF Young Investigators Awards.

After an introduction by H.E. Ambassador of Italy, Claudio Taffuri, and other representatives of italian institutions, the event will open with two prominent speakers: Paolo Maccario, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager at Silfab Solar Inc. and Franco Vaccarino, President and Vice-Chancellor of Guelph University, who will discuss current and future strategies in academia and industry required for students and workers to deal with the disruptive technologies and the exponential increase in knowledge.

The later part of the day will feature speakers from different institutions from all over Canada. Corrado Paina, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, will address the importance of innovation and research from the industry prospective. Umberto Berardi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ryerson University, will bring his experience as winner of the Franco Strazzabosco Award for Engineers. Nicola Fameli, Research Associate of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, U. of British Columbia and Franco Mammarella, Group leader Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, president and vice-president of ARPICO (Society of Italian Researchers & Professionals in Western Canada), who will explain the importance of developing a global network amongst researchers. The day will be closed by Gabriella Gobbi, Associate Professor, Dept. Psychiatry, McGill University on the current status of the Italian Scientific Community in Quebec.

Day One of ISSNAF's Annual event will conclude with a reception at the Istituto. Day two of the event is dedicated to young Italian researchers and scientists who will present their work and will receive the ISSNAF Certificate for Young Investigators. The day will end with a round table and a discussion directed by the ISSNAF Ontario chapter Chairs, Barbara Cifra, Vito Mennella and Leonardo Salmena on how to build a successful academic network and how ISSNAF can contribute to the process.

For this year the event will be attended by 60 selected researchers and scholars working in Canada.

For more information email

Made in Italy or Made in China?

The Dante Alighieri Society of BC Invites you to A talk by UBC Prof. Gaoheng Zhang,


Monday, April 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Doors open at 5:45 pm
UBC Robson Square (Theatre), 800 Robson St., Vancouver
Access parking from Howe St. (and Nelson)
Registration is required.

Since Marco Polo, intercultural and trade relations between China and Italy have flourished. In recent decades, the two countries faced strenuous competition in the manufacturing sector. According to conventional wisdom, while Italian fashion represents creativity and refined style, mass production characterizes ‘Made in China’ garments. Dr. Zhang’s talk will focus on the textile and clothing industry in Prato, Italy, which has become emblematic of the presumed conflicts between these two modes of manufacturing.

It is right in the heart of Tuscany, in Prato, that a Chinese diaspora has been increasingly involved in the production of low-and middle-end ready-to-wear fashion. For some local industrialists, this is an unwelcome development, as it damages their businesses and the ‘Made in Italy’ label. Others have argued that this evolution has been beneficial to the ‘Made in Italy’ fashion sector. What has been the role of the media in conveying these dynamics to the public? And why should we care about the ‘Made in Italy ‘and ‘Made in China’ label? Dr. Zhang will use the Prato case study to provide insights into the complex relationship between two of the biggest producers in the ‘fast fashion’ market: Italy and China.

A related exhibition titled ‘Global Routes: China, Italy, Toronto’ will be on display at UBC Robson Square (Sunroom) during March 17-April 13, 2017.

Dr. Gaoheng Zhang is Assistant Professor of Italian Studies at UBC. His research specializations include Chinese immigration to Italy and Italian-Chinese relations. He was educated in the fields of Italian Studies and Comparative Cultural Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University (B.A.) and at New York University (M.A., Ph.D.).

View the Flyer

The Dante Alighieri Society of BC:

60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome - And Now?

On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, The Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver, and The UBC Institute for European Studies are pleased to present a talk by professor Kurt Hübner, Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration and Global Political Economy at UBC, introduced by Massimiliano Iacchini, Consul General of Italy in Vancouver:

60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome - And Now?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 from 12:30 to 14:00 pm Room 120 C.K.Choi Building, 1855 West Mall UBC Vancouver

Refreshments to follow

RSVP by Monday, March 20, 2017

60th Anniversary of Treaties of Rome Flyer


The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West is launching a mentoring program to encourage the exchange of managerial experience on international markets among professionals with Italian roots and entrepreneurs based in Italy.

The program intends to support the international growth of companies in Italy.

We are looking for professionals with qualified international background willing to experience a new challenge as Mentors!

Please read the attached documents for more information:

ICC "UP FOR IT!" MailOut

ICC "UP FOR IT!" Presentation

INCIPIT - Call for PhD Positions

INCIPIT is a novel international PhD programme, which aims at providing innovative multidisciplinary and intersectoral training in Life and Biomaterial Sciences.

It is co-funded by the COFUND scheme (Marie Sklodowska - Curie Actions).

This programme pools the different and complementary expertise of 8 research institutes of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), as well as the competencies of 3 Doctoral Schools and several academic, non-profit and industrial Partner Organizations.

INCIPT PhD programme will include:
  • laboratory activities to carry out doctoral research projects;
  • theoretical courses run by the Doctoral Schools of the Università degli Studi della Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli' (previously named Second University of Naples (SUN)), the University of Naples Federico II and the University of Catania (UNICT);
  • activities related to transferable skills.
The INCIPIT overall objective is to recruit and train a total of 35 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), through 2 Calls for applicants.

The first Call was in 2016 and 15 PhD students were recruited. The second Call for 20 PhD positions is open since 30 January 2017 with the deadline being 30 March 2017.
To learn more, please, visit the INCIPIT website:

Italian Design Day in the World

The Consul General of Italy, Massimiliano Iacchini, together with the President of the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Ron Burnett, and the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West, Celso Boscariol, cordially invite you to attend “Italian Design Day in the World” presented by Alessandro COLOMBO from Architecture Firm “Studio Cerri & Associati” Milan (Italy)

Wednesday, March 1st 2017, at 1.00 pm
Motion Capture Studio - Emily Carr University of Art + Design
(Intersections Digital Studios - North Building on Granville Island)
1399 Johnston Street - Vancouver BC - V6H 3R9

RSVP by Sunday, February 26th 2017
e-mail: or tel. 604.682.1410

View the invitation PDF here.

INdAM - Borse di Dottorato

l’Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica “Francesco Severi” (INdAM), Ente nazionale di Ricerca vigilato dal Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca, ha bandito un concorso per 10 borse di  dottorato del programma “INdAM Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and/or Applications Cofunded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions”, cofinanziato dalla UE nell’ambito di Horizon 2020.

Il programma offre a ricercatori da tutto il mondo l’opportunità di  accedere a uno dei più di 20 dottorati italiani in Matematica e/o  applicazioni che partecipano al Programma.
La scadenza per la presentazione delle domande è il 31 marzo 2017.
La  scadenza per la presentazione del titolo di accesso al dottorato  prescelto è il 30 settembre 2017 per i cittadini europei, il 31  maggio per i cittadini extra-europei
Il sito per la presentazione delle domande è


The Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica “Francesco Severi” (INdAM) has published the first call for 10 PhD fellowships of the programme “INdAM Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and/or Applications Cofunded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions”, in the framework of the European Horizon 2020 “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Co-funding of Regional, National and International Programmes”.

These fellowships offer to researchers from all over the world the opportunity to enter a PhD School in Matehematics and/or applications in Italy.
The deadline for submission of the application is 31 March 2017.
The deadline for submission of the degree/diploma which allows to embark in a doctorate in Italy:
  • EU citizens 30 September 2017
  • non EU citizens 31 May 2017
For further information, please visit the following link:
Application website:
where the complete Call announcement and a Guide for applicants can be downloaded.

Premio: "L'innovazione che parla italiano"

Il Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, Direzione Generale per la Promozione del Sistema Paese, e PNICube, Associazione Italiana degli Incubatori Universitari e delle Business Plan Competition Locali, istituiscono il Premio “L’innovazione che parla italiano”, quale riconoscimento dell’alto valore innovativo di Start up Tecnologiche che operano all’estero e fondate da cittadini italiani. L’invito a presentare candidature è rivolto a soci fondatori di start up che operino in uno dei seguenti Paesi: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brasile, Canada, Cina, Rep. di Corea, Danimarca, Egitto, Francia, Germania, Giappone, Gran Bretagna, India, Israele, Messico, Paesi Bassi, Russia, Serbia, Spagna, USA, Sud Africa, Svezia, Svizzera e Vietnam. Il premio, che consisterà in una medaglia e in un diploma del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e Cooperazione Internazionale, verrà conferito alla Start Up vincitrice in occasione della XX giornata degli Addetti Scientifici 2017 alla presenza del Ministro degli Affari Esteri e Cooperazione Internazionale, Paolo Gentiloni, e della Ministro dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca, Stefania Giannini. Download the entire document here.

"Italian Bilateral Scientific Cooperation Award"

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) instituted the “Italian Bilateral Scientific Cooperation Award” in the year 2017 to recognize an Italian eminent scientist who, in performing his/her research abroad, has made a remarkable contribution to the advancement of science and technology, thus improving Italy’s S&T relations with foreign countries and with International Organizations. The award is presented during the Italian Scientific Attachés Conference in Italy to be held in Rome on January 10, 2017. All fields of science and technology are included under this award. The award consists of an engraved medal and a certificate of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Download the entire document here.

Emergency Contact Numbers for the Italy Earthquake near Amatrice on August 23, 2016

If you wish to inquire about the people involved, please use the following contact phone numbers. This is for urgent matters only. +39 06 82888850 (Protezione Civile) +39 06 36 225 (Unità di Crisi – Ministero degli Affari Esteri).

Festa della Repubblica

Join us for this celebration of the Italian National Day. The Italian folk group Terrasonora will be performing at 6.00pm in the Ballroom, followed by the celebrations for Festa della Repubblica at 7.00pm. Terrasonora will also perform one more set before our Italian-Canadian Societies will offer traditional sweets to all the guests.

Italian Studies Celebration

Dear Friends, 2016 marks 60 years at UBC and 25 years at SFU since Italian courses were first offered at these institutions. The UBC Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies and the SFU Italian Program (in the Department of French) invite all past students who have enjoyed our Italian classes and community members to celebrate with us these significant milestones. With generous support from the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver and the Italian Cultural Centre Society, we will be hosting a special Italian Studies Celebration at the Italian Cultural Centre on Friday, April 1, 2016. Please join us for an evening of great food, music, dancing, and cherished memories as we commemorate the proud history of Italian scholarship in Vancouver. You can register for the event by visiting the Italian Cultural Centre website. For seating preferences, please call the Centre at 604-430-3337. As part of the evening’s program, we hope to showcase written testimonials, photos, and other memorabilia from colleagues and past students. If you have any stories you would like to share, please contact Stefania Ciccone at Visit our Facebook page for more information and help us spread the word! Sincerely, Stefania Ciccone, Professor Emerita (UBC) Maria Benimeo, Visiting Lecturer (UBC)

Save the dates Giornate Informative 2015-2016

Dal prossimo autunno 2015 la Commissione europea lancerà i nuovi bandi 2016/1017 delle 21 tematiche di ricerca di Horizon 2020.

Saranno organizzate a Roma 21 Giornate Informative, da APRE per conto del MIUR, a partire da settembre 2015 in occasione di questo importante appuntamento.

In ciascuna giornata sarà presente il Punto di Contatto Nazionale e un esperto della Commissione europea verrà a esporre i temi di ricerca dei nuovi bandi insieme a utili informazioni per la presentazione delle proposte. Inoltre parteciperanno, fra gli altri, i funzionari di enti nazionali responsabili dei finanziamenti alla ricerca e all’innovazione e i Rappresentanti nazionali per il MIUR in Horizon 2020.

La partecipazione alle giornate informative è gratuita, ma il numero dei posti è limitato.

Le agende delle giornate e le iscrizioni saranno via via disponibili sul sito APRE

Per maggiori informazioni su ciascun tema e relativa giornata informativa, è possibile contattare il Punto di Contatto Nazionale di riferimento

APRE - Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea, da 25 anni a supporto della ricerca e innovazione

ISSNAF Annual Event 2015

More information and a draft agenda will follow after the summer.

For more information:"

X Conferenza Ricercatori Italiani nel Mondo

The conference is organized by the COMITES (Committee for Italians Living Abroad) and the Consulate General of Italy in Houston. The invitation is extended to all researchers working in the fields of Biomedical Science, Medicine, Physics, Engineering, Aerospace, Biostatistics, Energy, Earth Science and Humanistic Studies, whose activities are related to Italy either through their nationality, field of investigation (e.g. Italian history, literature, or any discipline linked to Italy) or their relationship with Italian institutions.

Those who are interested are invited to send a summary of their research and a brief biography no later than November 15th, 2014 by e-mail to

For more information you may view the PDF here in Italian or English

"The Empowerment of the Next Generation of Researchers Promoting talents, spreading excellence"

For further information and registration please visit or write to

The EU2014 conference The Empowerment of the Next Generation of Researchers Promoting talents, spreading excellence will take place in the city of Trento from 18 to 19 November 2014 and is organised by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The overall theme is to discuss and reflect on how programmes for researcher training, recruitment and career development empower the next generation of researchers to be successful, no matter how society and the economy evolve. Key elements will be explored from this angle such as skills, mobility, and gender issues as well as the interaction between academia and industry sectors. The conference will focus on the roles of policy-makers, funders and businesses contributing to research training, working together with universities and research institutions.

The participants will gather for one-and-a-half days at the premises of the University of Trento, for a programme divided into three main parts. Initially the conference will update participants on recent political initiatives on research training undertaken by the EU institutions. The conference will then offer a number of professionally facilitated workshops with different subthemes within the conference topic, during which the participants will exchange knowledge and experiences and engage in discussions to develop ideas for future actions and recommendations:

  • Training and supporting researchers in a changing world
  • Multi-sectoral career paths: promoting and assessing professional development
  • Attractive working and social security conditions in Europe for ANY talented researcher
  • A win-win collaboration between academia and beyond

High-level speakers such as the Italian Minister of Education, Universities and Research, the appropriate EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, and Authorities of the Autonomous Province of Trento will open the conference and participate in the Awards Ceremony of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions Prizes that will follow.

Participation to the ENGRes2014 is free of charge.
Friday, September 26 - Pre-registration closes

Galileo Turns 450

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Galileo Galilei, the Italian Embassy in Washington and the Georgetown University Italian Research Institute are organizing an event focused on the theme of innovation and scientific research, during the semester of the Italian Presidency of the European Union.

The initiative is based on a series of lectures by prominent scholars and scientists, an exhibit, and a play.

The lectures will emphasize the methodologies introduced by Galileo himself to the search for a knowledge of reality that is objectively verifiable and acceptable. Well-known Italian researchers working in both the U.S. and Europe will talk about the excellence of Italian scientific research.

A corner exhibit dedicated to Galileo will be enriched with some items from the Museo Galileo in Florence, the Fondazione Pisa, the National Gallery of Art and the Library of Congress in Washington, as well as original documents coming from the Domus Galilaeana in Pisa.

For more information click here to view the Brochure. (The PDF is large, so give it some time to load)

Invitation to ERA-Can+ Webinars

The Canadian partners to ERA-Can+ invite European researchers and research managers to participate in a series of live webinars on the opportunities to collaborate with Canadians in Canadian Research and Research Training Programmes.

Canada's Public Policy Forum and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada will host a series of webinars to introduce the ERA-Can+ project as well as the European Union's current Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. The second part of the webinars will feature Canadian programme owners and will explore opportunities for Europeans to participate in Canadian programmes as well as the legal and financial issues of participation.

ERA-CAN+ Webinar Dates

  • The province of Quebec's Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Exports
  • September 24, 3:00pm - 4:30pm (CEST)
  • Speaker: Inji Yaghmour, Conseillère en affaires internationales, Quebec’s Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Exports
  • For more information, and to register, click here

The panelists will be available to answer questions from audience members following their presentations.

Any technical questions pertaining to ERA-Can+ of Horizon 2020 can be directed to the ERA-Can+ helpdesk at

Le Sinergie tra la Smart Specialisation Strategy e Horizon 2020

APRE, Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea, informs that it has planned an event of great interest for the new circle of community programming 2014-2020.

The initiative, "Ricerca e Innovazione - Le sinergie tra la Smart Specialisation Strategy e Horizon 2020," will be held the morning of July 9th 2014 in Rome at l'Aula Convegni of the CNR, Piazzale Aldo Moro 7.

The event, organized by APRE in collaboration with the CNR - Department of Humanity and Social Sciences, will be a unique occasion themed "Smart Specialization Strategy," an instrument introduced by the European Commission.

Registration for the day is free. The provisional program and online registration on APRE's website at

The Association of Italian Canadian Writers (AICW) Celebrates Italian Heritage Month

The Association of Italian Canadian Writers (AICW), in collaboration with the National Congress of Italian Canadians and Accenti Magazine is pleased to announce literary events across Canada under the Books and Biscotti Literary Series. Eight events will be held this June to celebrate Italian Heritage Month: Toronto on June 1 and 21, Montreal on June 4, Oshawa on June 8, Ottawa on June 13, Vancouver on June 17, Edmonton and Sarnia on June 22, Halifax on June 28.

Event details at and

"We are extremely proud of our work at the Association of Italian Canadian Writers, a volunteer-based group founded in 1986," said Dr. Licia Canton, President of the AICW. "Our 15th biennial conference, held earlier this month in Montreal, was very successful with speakers from across Canada, Europe and the United States. The AICW emphasizes the work of creative individuals – writers – who often work on the periphery of the Italian Canadian com­munity. We are pleased to reach new audiences during Books and Biscotti events across Canada."

Licia Canton has recently published the anthology Conspicuous Accents (Longbridge Books, 2014) which features 42 stories by 35 authors, most of Italian heritage. She has been president of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers (AICW) since 2010. The AICW will organize activities at Montreal's Italian Week in August and Toronto's International Book Fair in November.

Founded in 1986, the Association of Italian Canadian Writers brings together a community of writers, critics, academics, and other artists and promotes Italian Canadian literature and culture within an ethnoculturally diverse society. The AICW is a nonprofit organization.

ITALIANS - Interviews & Blog

Alberto Di Mauro invites you to visit ITALIANS, the new showcase of Italian talent.

A new interview with Paola Muti, M.D., M.Sc Mc Master University.

The very well known epidemiologist talks about the new approach to prevent the breast cancer and at the same time analyses into the differences of Italian and American systems in the world of research.

She highlights the new ways of collaboration which have made the Italian community within Italy and outside much stronger than it was few years ago and outlines new pathways for further improvements.

LET'S 2014 Conference

Through five thematic paths, LET'S 2014 will explore innovative, cross-cutting points of view at the forefront of European research and technology and will create a vision for a new European Renaissance. Starting from the domains of nanotechnology, biotechnology, advanced materials, manufacturing and processing, LET'S 2014 will deepen the bridges with the Societal challenges pinpointed by Horizon 2020.

Discover more here!

Giornata Nazionale di Lancio del Bando Advanced Grant dello European Research Council

Lunedì 26 maggio, l'Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (APRE), per conto del Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca (MIUR) e in collaborazione con la Commissione europea e l'università La Sapienza di Roma, organizza la giornata nazionale di lancio del bando Advanced Grant dello European Research Council.

Il bando ERC Advanced Grant (AdG) permette a leader affermati della ricerca di qualsiasi età e nazionalità di portare avanti progetti innovativi e ad alto rischio in grado di aprire nuove direzioni nei loro rispettivi campi di ricerca e in altri settori.

Gli Advanced Grants nascono proprio con lo scopo di sostenere l’eccellenza, incoraggiare studi di frontiera e finanziare le proposte innovative dei migliori ricercatori.

L'evento si terrà presso l'aula E. Amaldi del Dipartimento di Fisica (Edificio Marconi) dell'Università La Sapienza di Roma.

Event Agenda: Download

Canada-Italy: Arctic Science and Technology Collaboration Workshop

Canada and Italy have longstanding relations and historic cooperation and partnerships in the areas of culture, trade, investment, and science & technology. Following the May 2013 admission of Italy as an Arctic Council Observer nation, both countries see opportunities for further collaborations to share and discover new knowledge relevant to the Arctic and its people. The Canadian Polar Commission and the Embassy of Italy in Canada are pleased to organize a joint workshop involving key Canadian and Italian arctic knowledge experts. This event to be held in Ottawa will be a catalyst for concrete innovation development at the international level and will further enhance bilateral cooperation between Italian and Canadian research organizations and communities, in the context of the recent launch of EU Research and Innovation Programme (EU Horizon 2020).

ARPICO Scholarship to School of Neuron Scattering

The Society of Italian Researchers and Professionals In Western Canada (ARPICO) is pleased to announce the 2014 ARPICO Scholarship to attend the 12th School on Neutron Scattering Francesco Paolo Ricci from the 30th of April to the 9th of May 2014. Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy

We invite graduate students and post-doctoral researchers at Canadian Universities and Laboratories to apply. The deadline is March 31st, 2014

Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion, Saving and Storage [ MATECSS ]

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the official inauguration of the UNESCO Chair "Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion, Saving and Storage" (MATECSS). The UNESCO Chair MATECSS, based at INRS-EMT, has partner institutes in Algeria, China, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Vietnam. Through targeted educational programs and joint research initiatives, MATECSS aims to strengthen both North-South and South-South partnerships.

The MATECSS inauguration will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal on the morning of April 10, 2014.

Coffee and pastries will be served between 09:00 and 10:00.

At 10:00, brief introductory speeches will be made by the President of INRS, Professor Daniel Coderre, by the Vice-President for Research, Professor Yves Begin, and Dr. Federico Rosei.

These welcome statements will be followed by a keynote presentation by Professor John C. Polanyi, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, who will speak about "How Discoveries Are Made and Why It Matters".

A networking lunch will be served at noon.

You are also welcome to participate in a scientific workshop with the international partners of the UNESCO Chair, which will take place on the afternoon of April 10 and throughout the day on April 11. Researchers who are interested in presenting work on topics pertinent to MATECSS may contact Dr. Federico Rosei to arrange for an oral presentation (by invitation only) at the workshop.

We would kindly ask that you RSVP via email to prior to January 27, 2014.

Management Research Seminar with Emanuele Fiore

The Management Research Seminar Series invites you to a seminar given by Emanuele Fiore, Ph.D., Scientific Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Canada, Technologist at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polimers (ICTP) of the Italian National Research Council (NRC), and Professor of Economics and Management at the University of Naples Federico II.

The event will take place in Washington on December 13th, 2013 and will host a debate among scientists, doctors, policy makers and epistemologists aimed at identifying and discussing forthcoming medical research developments likely to impact on society in the next ten years.

Location: Telfer School of Management, Desmarais Building, DMS 7170, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa ON

Click here for more information.

Foresight in Medicine

The Italian Embassy in Washington will close the scientific component of the "2013: Anno della Cultura Italiana negli Stati Uniti" initiative with the conference: "I Am Not My Body. I Am My Mind: in memory of Rita Levi-Montalcini - Foresight in medicine: research induced society changes in the next decade".

The event will take place in Washington on December 13th, 2013 and will host a debate among scientists, doctors, policy makers and epistemologists aimed at identifying and discussing forthcoming medical research developments likely to impact on society in the next ten years.

In preparation of the event, the Embassy requested a Management Committee to draft a Delphi like consultation (Phase 1) whose results will define key items to be further developed by the Committee (Phase 2) and discussed during the December 13th event. ISSNAF participates to this effort by warmly inviting you to participate in this consultation.

To participate in the survey please visit:

Deadline for Application to the "Horizon 2020" Programs

La grande sfida consiste nello stabilizzare il sistema finanziario ed economico a breve termine, adottando nel contempo le misure per creare le opportunità economiche di domani. Il consolidamento dei bilanci pubblici e le riforme strutturali sono necessari ma non sufficienti per garantire la competitività globale dell'Europa. Gli investimenti intelligenti, in particolare nella ricerca e nell'innovazione, sono fondamentali per conservare un alto livello di vita e contribuiscono a creare posti di lavoro, ad aumentare la prosperità, generano i progressi scientifici e tecnologici, necessari per affrontare le sfide prementi della società.

To learn more about the program visit:

Nutrition: Research, Innovation and Markets

Oct 8th, 2013 (8:30am-5:00pm) Carrefour des arts et des sciences, Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, 3150 Jean-Brillant, Université de Montréal

Oct 10th, 2013 (8:30am-4:00pm) Health Sciences Building, Auditorium, 155 College Street, University of Toronto

International bilateral cooperation between Italy and Canada in scientific research and technology innovation is one of the priorities of Italy's foreign policy, in order to ensure, through Italian know-how, the country's competitive abilities and the development of advanced production industries.

The goal of this meeting of experts is to highlight Canada's excellent capabilities in nutrition, as well as Italian areas of excellence in nutrition, food packaging, genomics, traceability, and the history of nutrition. Another aim is to increase awareness of the Canadian and Italian scientific communities, with a view to promoting innovation development at the international level and further enhancing bilateral cooperation between Italian and Canadian research centres and universities in a European context.

View the Brochure...

Italy of the Future

An innovative exhibition on some of the most significant scientific and technological excellence of Italy, organized by the Italian National Research Council (CNR) with the help of several top-level scientific and academic organizations.

The exhibition leads visitors to relive the story of Italy's celebrated past while looking to its future, in a journey through centuries of 'Italian genius' in every field of culture and the arts.

Organized jointly by the CNR, the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) and the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, the exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of the most important scientific and technological innovations pioneered by Italy at international level -- a fundamental incentive to promote a new perspective on Italy as not only the 'cradle of civilisation', but as a country projected into a new future.


16th Annual European Festival

Annual celebration offers chance to experience diverse European culture, cuisine, entertainment and more.

Put the passport away, because there’s no need to spring for a flight or even a Eurorail pass to experience the authentic sights, sounds and tastes of Europe. On May 26th, Swangard Stadium will host the 15th Annual European Festival – which offers the perfect way to celebrate and enjoy Europe without the dreadful jetlag and airport security checks. This year’s festival brings together some 30 countries in this daylong cultural festival of food, fun and performances.

From 10:00am to 9:00pm on May 26th, the European Festival will feature music and dance performances that celebrate and represent the various participating countries. After 9:00pm (and until midnight), Swangard Stadium turns into a high-energy dance party with live music from the EUROPA Trio and Lime Production DJ from 9:00pm until midnight.


ISSNAF Yearly Awards

ISSNAF - Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation yearly awards the ISSNAF Award for Young Investigators, the Paola Campese Award for Research on Leukemias and, since 2013, the Franco Strazzabosco Award for Young Engineers.

The purpose of the ISSNAF Board of Trustees is to acknowledge the research of young Italian investigators working in North America, whose commitment to their discipline of study is innovative, potentially impactful and honors their country of origin.

ISSNAF encourages all Italian researchers born after April 1973 and currently primarily working in the United States or Canada to submit an abstract of their research.

The ISSNAF Young Investigator Award will award a $5,000 prize to the most innovative research in one of the following areas:

  • Bio-medicine
  • Cognitive and Behavioural Neurosciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Physics, Astrophysics, Chemistry and Mathematics

The Paola Campese Award for Research on Leukemias will award a $5,000 prize to the most innovative research in the field of Leukemias.

The Franco Strazzabosco Award for Young Engineers will award a $5,000 prize to the most innovative research in any field of Engineering.

The three winners will receive a Medaglia di Rappresentanza del Presidente della Repubblica. A Review Board composed of senior ISSNAF members will select amongst all submitted applications a number of research summaries to be presented during the 2013 ISSNAF Annual Event on October 29th, 2013 at the Italian Embassy in Washington, DC. Finalists will present their research in oral sessions or posters and their presentations will be published on the ISSNAF web site.

Amongst the finalists, an ISSNAF Jury will select the winners. Awards will be presentaed during a formal ceremony at the end of the meeting. The decisions of the Review Board and of the Jury are final.


  • Eligibility: all Italian researchers born after April 1973 and currently primarily working in the United States or Canada
  • Applications must be completed online at
  • Applicants will be required to fill in an application form and upload a research abstract (max 400 words + 1 image)
  • Applications that are not complete will not be considered


  • All applications must be submitted by April 21, 2013 (23:59 PST)
  • The Review Board will select finalists by June 21, 2013

For more information about ISSNAF and the awards go to

Dalla Commissione Europea una piattaforma e-Learning sull'Innovazione per le PMI

L'attenzione dell'Europa alle PMI è sempre alta come testimonia l'impegno preso con l'Italia per liquidare il debito commerciale dello Stato verso le imprese e dar loro respiro.

Dall'analisi della resa innovativa degli Stati Membri nel 2012 l'Italia risulta tra gli "Innovatori Moderati" insieme a Portogallo, Repubblica ceca, Grecia e altri dopo i paesi "Leader dell'innovazione" (Svezia, Germania, Danimarca e Finlandia) e i "Paesi che tengono il passo" (Paesi Bassi, Belgio, Regno Unito, Austria, Cipro, Estonia e altri). L'analisi "Innovation Union Scoreboard 2013" dimostra che i paesi con più alto tasso di innovazione sono i paesi economicamente in salute.

Come fare ad aumentare la resa innovativa delle nostre imprese?
Come renderle stabili economicamente e sul mercato?

La Commissione Europea sta realizzando una piattaforma e-Learning sull'Innovazione per le PMI poiché ritiene sia una strategia di lungo termine di successo. Il primo passo per parteciparvi è rispondere al questionario on-line. Nei prossimi mesi sarai invitato/a a seguire il corso on-line sull'Innovazione per Piccole e Medie Imprese.

Compilare il questionario ti impegnerà 10 minuti al massimo, ma potrebbe valere molto per futuro della tua azienda.

Per iniziare clicca su

Giornata informativa "Il programma PERSONE del 7PQ"

APRE, in collaborazione con il MIUR e con il supporto della Commissione Europea, organizza una giornata informativa nazionale di lancio degli ultimi bandi individuali Marie Curie (MC) per ricercatori esperti di tutte le nazionalità, pubblicati il 14 marzo, con scadenza 14 agosto 2013.

L'evento si terrà il 19 aprile 2013 presso la Sapienza Università di Roma e sarà anche occasione per informare i partecipanti sulla prossima programmazione comunitaria in ambito Marie Curie (MSCA in Horizon 2020).

L'obiettivo della giornata è di promuovere gli ultimi bandi Marie Curie in ambito 7PQ di mobilità intra-EU e internazionale dei ricercatori, ma anche di presentare casi di successo e dati relativi alla mobilità incoming e outgoing nazionale, e alla partecipazione italiana ai progetti MC del 7PQ.

L'incontro si rivolge ad una varietà di stakeholders, quali ricercatori e dottorandi, rappresentanti del settore dell’istruzione superiore e delle imprese in generale, incluse spin-off, attori del mondo della ricerca, innovazione e trasferimento tecnologico.

L'agenda e le registrazioni sono disponibili sul sito APRE lancia un bando di formazione "ITALIAN VIRTUAL HERITAGE SCHOOL"

Siamo lieti di segnalarle che la rete V-MUST, iniziativa supportata dalla Commissione Europea ha pubblicato un bando di formazione, "The ITALIAN VIRTUAL HERITAGE SCHOOL" nell'ambito di Archeologia Virtuale e Grafica Avanzata. La scadenza per compilare il form on-line (visit here) è il 13 Aprile 2013.

Requisiti minimi richiesti Laurea triennale o Laurea specialistica.

Eurostars - Scadenza 4 aprile 2013

Le inoltriamo il testo pubblicato stamattina sul sito del MIUR in merito alla scadenza Eurostars del 4 aprile prossimo:

E' previsto un solo bando con scadenza 4 Aprile 2013 ( si raccomanda ai partecipanti Italiani di inviare entro la stessa data di scadenza del progetto internazionale la documentazione prevista nelle procedure operative allegate nei documenti di riferimento. Il MIUR prevede un finanziamento complessivo di 4,2 milioni di euro (1,5 milioni di euro per contributo alla spesa e 2,7 per credito agevolato. A differenza dei bandi precedenti la concessione dei finanziamenti seguirà le modalità del DM 593/2000 smi. Ai soggetti pubblici ( Università, Enti di Ricerca ) sarà concesso solo il contributo alla spesa mentre per i soggetti privati saranno concessi contributo alla spesa e credito agevolato.

Per maggiori informazioni:

Cardiologia, al via accordo Italia-Canada

Questo accordo, che costituisce uno degli esempi più interessanti e promettenti di cooperazione scientifica e universitaria tra Italia e Canada, è stato fortemente sponsorizzato dall’Ambasciata d’Italia a Ottawa, che attraverso l’Addetto scientifico, Emanuele Fiore, ha seguito tutte le fasi di preparazione fino al momento della sigla dell’intesa, avvenuta presso la stessa Ambasciata.


Spin-offs and Start-ups in Canada and Italy

Canada and Italy are two of the world's most advanced economies, and the sources of many great innovations. Partnerships among students, researchers and inventors from these two countries stretch back generations, with a proven record of successful collaboration and world-changing invention.


Ricercatori nel mondo e la piattaforma voluta dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri e il Ministero dell'Istruzione, Universita e della Ricerca per facilitare uno scambio bidirezionale tra ricercatori nel mondo e paese. Rappresenta un luogo per massimizzare l'impatto dell'esperienza e del capitale umano, culturale e disciplinare dei ricercatori italiani nel mondo.

Find out more - Visit

La scienza raccontata dai nipoti di Galileo

Il paradosso e evidente: in un'Italia che crede cosi poco alla scienza da essere diventata fanalino di coda tra i paesi europei per gli investimenti in ricerca, ci sono moltissime persone che alla scienza ci credono. Alcune di queste persone sono giovani e la scienza la vogliono soprattutto raccontare. Questo spazio sara il loro spazio.

Join us as a member of ARPICO to support our endeavour to disseminate knowledge and research work, provide accesible and informal forums for discussions and debate, and exchange ideas realted to topics and issues relevant to modern society.