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EYE Global Project
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

eye-global-project.jpgThe EYE Global Project is an entrepreneurial exchange program, where European professionals have a chance to liaise with Canadian entrepreneurs! Canadian entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to select the entrepreneur that best fits their needs. The best part is that their flights, stay in Canada, etc. are all funded.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global is an exchange program that gives experienced entrepreneurs from Canada the opportunity to collaborate with new or aspiring entrepreneurs from the European Union and the UK.

It is inspired by the popular Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, which has been running in Europe since 2009. The program has facilitated exchanges for nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs with 10,000 businesses.

Why EYE Global?

By participating in this program and by hosting a young entrepreneur from Europe your company will acquire knowledge and access to European markets; discover new potential cooperation opportunities and collaborate with European entrepreneurs. Find innovative solutions and reach new heights in your business with EYE Global!

Benefits for Canadian host entrepreneurs:
• Liaise with an entrepreneur from Europe with zero cost to you, for a maximum of three months.
• Liaise with energetic and motivated young European entrepreneurs who can contribute to your business with innovative views, new skills, and knowledge.
• Benefit from a “new perspective” on your business, and specialized knowledge that the
new entrepreneurs may have and that you have not yet mastered.
• Act as a coach or mentor.
• Learn about European markets, expand your business opportunities and engage in cross- border activities.
• Network and build strong relationships, which can be useful for mutual consulting, business referrals, and for finding business partners abroad.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program financed by the European Union and coordinated in British Columbia by the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West & the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West!

If someone is interested and wish to learn more about it, they can email Stefano Dal Farra (project manager at ICCBC) via email or via phone number (604.682.1410 M/F 9am to 5pm).
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