Society of Italian Researchers & Professionals in Western Canada
Special Message

Social distancing guidelines put forth by the Canadian government (no large crowd events) is still paramount in our fight of Covid-19.

ARPICO speaking/public events are typically, by their very nature, occasions when people meet and converse at close range, rendering social distancing challenging. In light of this and in line with both provincial and federal guidelines, for the safety of its members, guests, speakers and volunteers, the ARPICO board of directors has voted unanimously to suspend the Society’s public activity until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the development of the pandemic in Canada and around the world via information from national and international health officers, with a view to decide when it will be safe to restart our public events. We are all very much looking forward to a time when life returns to normal and public activities can resume.

We wish to emphasize that the rest of ARPICO’s activities, such as selection of topics and speakers for future events, fundraising, advertising our travel scholarship and interviewing applicants for it will continue normally.

We trust that our members will support this course of action and are looking forward to resuming our activity as soon as the health situation permits it.

Eurostars - Scadenza 4 aprile 2013

Le inoltriamo il testo pubblicato stamattina sul sito del MIUR in merito alla scadenza Eurostars del 4 aprile prossimo:

E' previsto un solo bando con scadenza 4 Aprile 2013 ( si raccomanda ai partecipanti Italiani di inviare entro la stessa data di scadenza del progetto internazionale la documentazione prevista nelle procedure operative allegate nei documenti di riferimento. Il MIUR prevede un finanziamento complessivo di 4,2 milioni di euro (1,5 milioni di euro per contributo alla spesa e 2,7 per credito agevolato. A differenza dei bandi precedenti la concessione dei finanziamenti seguirà le modalità del DM 593/2000 smi. Ai soggetti pubblici ( Università, Enti di Ricerca ) sarà concesso solo il contributo alla spesa mentre per i soggetti privati saranno concessi contributo alla spesa e credito agevolato.

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