Society of Italian Researchers & Professionals in Western Canada
ARPICO aims to promote, share and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and research work; to provide an accessible and informal forum for discussions, debate and exchange of ideas related to topics and issues relevant to modern society; to be a point of reference, support and networking for researchers, professionals and students in Western Canada; to promote cooperation and networking with governmental, industrial, and professional entities.
Spin-offs and Start-ups in Canada and Italy
Innovation partnerships between universities, researchers, institutions and industry

Canada and Italy are two of the world's most advanced economies, and the sources of many great innovations. Partnerships among students, researchers and inventors from these two countries stretch back generations, with a proven record of successful collaboration and world-changing invention.

Join us as a member of ARPICO to support our endeavour to disseminate knowledge and research work, provide accesible and informal forums for discussions and debate, and exchange ideas realted to topics and issues relevant to modern society.